Cupcakes & Comfort Loaf Cakes

Cupcakes:  12 cupcakes order ranging from $45 to $50; 24 cupcakes from $65 to $85

Ayon’s Bakery cupcakes are really special:  They have just enough frosting to enhance the moist and delicious cakes, which rise to the top of jumbo sized white liners .  Frostings are available in vanilla, light cream cheese, and chocolate.  Healthier cupcakes with added whole wheat flour for extra fiber, egg substitute for less fat, and frostings colored with fruit puree are also available.  Beautiful, simple and colorful… check them out under Yummy Musings post titled Cupcakes!

One Pound Sized Loaves (no frosting) ………………….…$12

Banana Line: Banana, Banana Nut, Banana Chocolate Chip, Banana Peanut Butter (My Elvis), or Banana Pineapple
Coconut Brazil
Pumpkin Spice

Vegan and gluten free loaves available for $15.00