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Ayon’s Bakery “Booth” at SPS “Metarmophosis #10″

By Ayon

When the folks at The Special Projects Social asked me and other chefs to have our dedicated “booth” to feature our yummy creations, I jumped on it.  The only requirement: Use veggies or fruits in season.  Didn’t take much googling to learn that plums, blackberries, and raspberries were it.

The berries were easy… I had already gotten rave reviews for my Raspberry Swirl Brownies.  I’ve been on a lemon craze lately (it’s lemonade time with the heat upon us in Texas!).  So Lemon Cake with Blackberries and Cream automatically came to mind.  I decided to also experiment with lychee, which I had tons of during my recent trip to Asia.

 Learned that lychee has such an exotic and delicate flavor, it can be easily overpowered… didn’t hurt the desert but the fruit couldn’t be truly savored either.  More experimenting to do!

So back to plums… what could I make with plums? I love the color of the fruit and plum preserves.  ”Hmmm… ai Ayon, why not recreate the “upside down pineapple cake” with plums and, instead of yellow cake, do a spice cake?” Nutmeg, cinammon, cloves… ahhhhhh… just goes so well with plums, no?!  My issue with the topper of the usual pineapple cake is the butter – so I took a chance and created the plum top without it.  If I can reduce calories without sacrificing the taste of my yummy goodies, I go for it.  And it surely worked this time:

It was incredible to have everyone “oohhhhh” and “ahhhh”ing over my deserts.  One of the guests returned to my booth after I served him earlier in the evening: “I love sweets.  I love cakes.  But find most to be dry and just filled with tons of frosting.  Your cakes are so moist. They’re awesome.  I just had to come and tell you that.”  Okay, that comment almost brought me tears… thank you dear!

And then the beautiful SPS event host – who had the most amazing and eclectic house (“It’s wall-papered with me!” in reference to all his large self portraits when I commented on his home decor) – tells me: “Oh girl, your deserts are so good, they’re making my tities hard.” Now that comment brought me much laughter… and joy. Thank you darling!

Since I’m on appreciation mode, besides a big THANK YOU to Tim the Girl and Peter Zubiate – the organizers of SPS – I also want to thank my very dear girlfriends and cycling buddies Nelda and Rachel for helping me schlepp all my deserts – and plenty of other ‘chingadera’ – to the event.  Oh… and also for bringing me water and food throughout the evening.  THANK YOU LADIES – las quiero un monton!

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