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Gluten Free Brigadeiro Chocolate Cake

By Ayon

After much research to ensure that I could pull off creating a tasty, rich and moist cake comparable to my popular Brigadeiro Chocolate Cake, I tried making a gluten free version to test it among my allergic-to-wheat friends.  In particular MJ and Tiff, who had been begging me to create gluten free cakes for them since they are mega fans of my goodies – yes… they risked getting sick for them but enough was enough!

I tested it with my already discerning palette family without telling them it was gluten free.  They loved it!

Of course, MJ and Tiff were thrilled! So yes, Ayon’s Bakery now offers gluten free Brigadeiro Chocolate Cake.  My next attempt will be to create a gluten free version of my Banana Nut Cake…  it will taste great with my Dulce de Leche frosting!


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