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Low Fat + Low Sugar Carrot Cake

By Ayon

I pride in the taste of my cakes so I don’t normally make low sugar cakes.  But Susana asked me to bake a special low sugar cake for 30 people to celebrate her father’s birthday.  Since he’s diabetic but LOVES carrot cake, I created this lower fat/sugar version that turned out to be a hit: “Everyone was happy and no cake was left over – nothing!  I could hear folks talking about how tasty it was so you’re a hit again!” 


  1. Hi there. Albeit I normally don’t comment on blogs, I thought I would today, just to thank you really! I’ve finally found the information I was seeking for (via your blog) on the 4th page of Google results! So now I’m all covered :) Thanks again! Norris

    Comment by Norris — August 14, 2010
  2. Glad my blog helped you, Norris.

    Comment by Ayon — August 14, 2010

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